Sunday, November 9, 2008

This is my story

14 years ago my love for fashion started .I was walking in the mall.I remember the mall .It was southlake mall and I was with my mom and brother and I think my sister and father .I was 5 years old at the time with my 6th birthday coming up in august.Well I saw these interesting looking shoes on this table.I can recall the store being payless I think.Well on the table was this zeebra looking shoe so I mebeing a little 5 year old I went to the table and picked up the shoe.My eyes seemed to open 10 feet wide.I turned to my mom and said ,"Mommy i want these!!!!".I forgot how much the price was but this is not important.So we walked inside the store and we bought the shoes from this white man.He was about 65 years old.Right then and there I put the pair of shoes on my feet and walked out the store.I felt on top of the world.About a hour later we had left the mall and arrived home .Then and there I finally took the pair of shoes off and examined every inch of the shoe.The shoe was that of Shaq.The shoe was called Reebok Shaqnosis.So then I turned on the tv and turned straight to the sports channel so I could watch these shoes on that would most likely be on shaq's feet.So I as waited and waited for shaq to come on the tv .One player came over the tv .His name was Michael Jordan .I didn't pay attention to his shoes at all.I was amazed by his skills on the court.He was the best player ever.I was now a basketball fan.Fast foward to 1998,The air jordan 14 is released.It was the first jordan I really payed attention to.I remember seeing everybody in Ms.Kliens class having them on.I was jealous.I wanted them bad!!!!!So I went to my mom and said "I really want these shoes".she responded"Teddy you do not need these shoes".I began to cry.I think she felt the shoes were to expensive and I was still growing. Well days past and I still didnt have the shoes. Finally one day we were eating at a restaraunt near southlake mall when we pasted sports authority.It was going out of buisness.I t was pouring down rain My family are some bargain hunters so we decided to enter the store.The store was packed.Sports authority looked like a natural disaster had just hit.Sale products were everywhere.I started looking around the store when I found this rack.On the rack was a pair of Air jordan 14's.I thought to my self omg , and they were half off.So I tryed them on.I said omg perfect fit and the shoes were really two sizes too small.So I caled my parents to the rack and they both looked at the shoe and they looked at each other and my dad then says oh honey buy them.So I hyped it up and she walked up to the register and bought my air jordan 14's.I think I never took the shoes off my feet for like 2 weeks lol.I even slept in the shoes.lolFrom then on when ever I tuned into see Jordan on the court I would also look at his shoes. From then on I always wanted the new jordans.Fast foward to middle school when I began to use the internet.I started searching air jordan releases on google and all these sneaker websites started popping up.Niketalk,hypebeast,and 23isback are some of the few.On the sites I started to explore other types of sneakers and eventually began to appeal to the clothes.Fast foward to high school.When this kid by the name of Dustin Beck began talking about these boutiques were he would get his exclusive air force one's.But he would never reveal the name.I was so curious and im sure I wasnt the only one.The next thing I know I was sitting in LA fitness when I picked up a magazine and I began reading it as I got to the back I reached an ad for a store called Laced out.BINGO.Other boutiques then started appearing and before time could tell I new were all the spots were.As I began to visit the boutiques I noticed the art and everything that went into each boutique and I finally decided I want to own a boutique one day.So now we are in the present im currently enrolled in the Art Institute of Atlanta-Decatur.Pursuing a fashion Retail management degree.

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