Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I donot support the following statements by anymeans.KKK's opinion about the presidential elections

Ku Klux Klan DOES NOT Endorse Barack Obama for President

Despite some rumors, the Ku Klux Klan is not endorsing Barack Obama for President. In fact, Thomas Robb, national director of The Knights Party says his organization has serious questions it would like Barack to answer. Said Robb, "Is he willing to stand for the protection of white men, women and children who are quickly to be America’s new minority. Just over two years ago, the Brookings Institution in Washington D.C. stated that white children under the age of five were counted for less than 50% of the population. I do not feel it is an exaggeration to be very concerned about America’s future." Where does Barrack Obama’s allegiance lie? And what about Hillary Clinton or John McCain? Will they voice concern for the sons and daughters of the Republic?

The United States of America is a great nation! How great will we be should a traitor take office as President? Is America headed down a dangerous path? We believe so. While we do not take an official position toward any candidate, we feel that we represent the opinion of many dissatisfied people throughout the country who worry for the future of their children. Will anyone, be it Republican or Democrat, stand up and voice their support for white Christian Americans?

Rachel Pendergraft, the national spokeswoman for the organization said, "We pray for the day when we will see a strong candidate; a God fearing white man or woman, who will restore the principles of the Constitution, promote free enterprise versus a planned economy, put military troops on the border to stop illegal immigration, put an end to the social experiment called forced integration which has had a devastating effect on all races, and return our schools to a wholesome environment of learning by removing homosexual indoctrination"

Yellow Journalism - How the Rumor Got Started

The rumor that the KKK is backing Barack Obama for President was started by a magazine in the United Kingdom (UK) called the Daily Squib. The magazine is kind of like the National Enquirer. Except the National Enquirer at least claims their stories are true. The Daily Squib says on their news website, "The Daily Squib is a satirical publication and should therefore not be taken too fu**ing seriously"

This is not the first time this sort of thing has happened. There have been a number of websites owned by Jewish men who made the websites to look like Klan sites - yet in small print notified the reader that the site was a spoof site and totally fake. Of course, this little "notice" was so small and in such an obscure place that no one probably ever saw it. These sites were very anti-women and filled with foul language, crude cartoons, and sexist jokes about white women. Some of these fake sites have even been showcased on programs like 20/20 - though no one ever told the viewer the sites were fraudulent. Of course, the whole intent of these sites was to portray the Klan as anti-women. Similarly, just like this latest KKK rumor about Obama, some news agencies are carrying the story without ever checking the facts. The fact is, the Klan is NOT endorsing Barack Obama for President and while it is also NOT endorsing Hillary Clinton for President, it has nothing to do with her being a woman. We would welcome a strong compassionate Christian man OR woman for President if he or she would stand up for western Christian Civilization. This is in fact our goal! While this dream seems to be in the far off future, we can never tell when the political winds will change to make this dream a reality. But sadly for now, too many white people refuse to stick together, refuse to back organizations like The Knights Party, and refuse to really consider the future of the white nations and the world wide minority status of the white race!

Is it all gloom and doom for the white race? NO! The white race has amazing resiliency. True, they are slow to action and quick to have compassion on every race but their own. However, it is not the destiny of the white race to fade into oblivion. We are the nation builders of the world - bringing hope to mankind - and God Almighty will cause us to persevere and to overcome. Wake up - my white brothers and sisters. Return from the deep sleep you have been in and be a part of something great. It is Divine Providence!

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