Saturday, February 9, 2008

Isnt Marta supposed to get you were you wanna go on TIME!

Well I was on Marta today .Today was unlike any other day because as we know it Marta is supposed to move after approximately 5 min well I sat there for 5 then 10 the lady came over the speaker and said Excuse the delay there is a technical problem on the track ahead .I though to myself am I gonna Well 5 mins later the lady came on speakers again and said I would like to apologize further the authority's are pursuing a suspect on the track and the train will depart when the power is back on.I was like wtf .Who the fuck runs from the POLICE on the rail line LMAO .Well 15 mins later The power returned on and the train began to move But then I looked at my phone and said OH SHIT cause I was late for my meeting HAHAHAHA SMH That was crazy

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