Friday, February 22, 2008

We all walk in different Shoes

Theo Kogan-Singer and Entreprenuer

Sonia-undocumented immigrant
Joanna and Nicolette Tessler.Gay Married couple with their daughter

Aimee Mullins-Paralympic athlete and actor

Patrick Sammon-Gay Republican

Dror Shaul and Hany Abu-Assad- Israeil and Palestinian Film Directors

Sonny Caberwal-Sikh Entreprenuer

Channing Moss-U.S. Army soldier

Regan Hoffman-Hiv positive magazine editor

Delmon Dunston-Quad Rugby player

I was walking throught Lenox mall this morning and I walked past the Kenneth Cole store .I made an abrupt stop because of the advertisement in the window.So when I got home I looked further into the advertisement on
Well the advertise represented a campaign.I think this campaign is golden. The campaign represents
"Appearance can be a defining charecteristic for us all. But its the ability to think differently .That really makes a difference.Join us to celebrate those non-uniform thinkers who have the courage to truely be who they are ."
This is the truth on the website there are videos for each photo telling the person or persons story.

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