Sunday, February 24, 2008

Night at La rumba Nightclub

last night Me and Richard went to La rumba night club on Buford Highway I had a pretty good time .We attended with some friends .So at the end of the night as we walked up to the the valet parking guy my friend asked for his car ,for some reason they had lost the key smh .So we sat in front of the club for like 30 minutes while they figured out what was going on and as we sat there the door flew open and this man was dragged out. His face was all bloody I thought the man was dead because they dropped him in front of the door and he wasnt moving.Apparently the body guard had put the man in the sleeper hold and smacked him in the face LOL.The man finally picked his head up and there was a pool of blood where his head was on the ground.His girl friend was screaming like her boyfriend had just been shot.Then she started cursing in spanish.LOLtoo funny!Eventually the ambulance arrived and the man was sent to the hospital.But the worst part was the man never found the keys .So we ended up leaving the club and they called my friend a cab .

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