Monday, February 18, 2008

MY first day of college LOL!

Okay , today was my first day of college at the Art Institute of Decatur and it was so much fun .I had many laughs!My first class is the beginning math course.The teachers name is Don short . This guy is so random its crazy.In math class ain't the teacher supposed to be talking about math lol.Also the guy in the second row had so many comments lmao omg.To top it off the teach came in with two different shoes on they didn't resemble one another what so ever lol Like how do you get up and make that kind of mistake and to top it off even more theres a freshmen thats like 80 yrs old Boy he cant stop flirting with her LOL super funny and she seems to like it LOL My second class is like super easy its intro to design haha this class is basically how to operate illustrator, photoshop and the mac computer basically 3 hours of playing with a mac EASY .Man I love this stuff so much fun!LOL
No Offense to any of the students or Teachers in this post

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